One may wonder why is the “e” missing or removed from the word True? Is it because of the urban culture or is it because there is another company True Power Fitness? It is neither, however there is a True Fitness company that sells fitness equipment. The reason why the “e” is removed is that it represents all the Negative Elements that hinder people from becoming all that they can be or the things that we allow to stop us from releasing our true power. Examples: 
Environment/ People
Enemies- that will attack us spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially Tru Power Fitness we truly believe that if one area of your life is being attacked it will begin to affect other areas. We believe that if your body is physically fit then you will be able to withstand the negative attacks that may come later. While we are training you physically we are encouraging and motivating you mentally; helping each person remove those "Negative Elements".At Tru Power Fitness we think of ourselves as coaches. As a coach, in athletics or business, we must truly understand the performance equation and how our role as a coach equates to this formula. This excerpt is from the book "The Leader as Coach" by (Richard C. Huseman, Phd).
"The Performance Equation:
Individual Performance = ((Present Ability + Potential) X Correct & Consistent Practice) – Noise Individual Performance:
Our individual performance is actually a combination of factors. Understanding or executing these factors will increase or decrease our overall level of performance. The rest of the equation determines individual performance and maximizing individual performance is the goal of every coach.Present Ability: Our present ability is primarily the skills, knowledge and expertise we currently have at doing our job. A coach can bring an objective perspective to what our present ability actually is.Potential: Our potential is our talent- the skills we can tap into and/or what we can learn to help us achieve our greatest potential. A coach can be especially helpful in recognizing and maximizing our potential. Correct & Consistent Practice: The actions/behaviors we engage in that apply our present abilities and potential in a way that builds upon and reinforce these skills. This is another part of the equation where coaches can provide guidance and perspective.Noise: Noise is all the things that distract us from being focused on our jobs and doing our jobs well. Noise does not only distract us from doing our jobs of becoming the person we desire to be; whether it is spiritually, mentally, physically or financially. There are two types of noise: external and internal.” (The Leader as Coach)